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Saturday, July 21, 2018
 IDLD Presentations

This section contains a set of presentations on subjects related to IMS-LD, prepared by the IDLD partners:

IMS LD The context and the language (PDF Document 493k)
IMS LD Tools : MOT+LD  (PDF Document 163k)
LD Research Program at LICEF-CIRTA Tele-University (PowerPoint Show 1062k)
Learning Design based on Graphical Knowledge-Modeling (PowerPoint Show 1040k)
Mot + LD Editor Workshop (PowerPoint Show 1330k)
Workshop IMSLD  (PDF Document 646k) (French version)


 Project Team

Scientific Directors :
Gilbert Paquette, Olga Marino
Project Manager :
Suzanne Lapointe
Researchers and Designers :
Ileana De la Teja, Michel Leonard, Karin Lundgren-Cayrol

Collaboration to the project

CSLPConcordia University
Phil Abrami, Principal Investigator
Johannes Strobel, Principal Investigator
Gretchen Lowerison,
Marie-Claude Lavoie,
Roger Cote,
Edward Bethel

Laboratory for Ontological Research - SFU Surrey
Griff Richards, Principal Investigator
Colin Knight, Research Assistant


This project is financed by :

  This project is financed by Industry Canada

Technologie Cogigraph Inc.

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