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Saturday, July 21, 2018
 LD Repository

The IDLD Repository of Learning Designs is built using the PALOMA LOM Manager. It is organized into the following folders:

IMS LD MOT+ Exemples holds learning scenarios produced from the examples provided by the « IMS Learning Design Best Practice and Implementation Guide » de IMS Global Learning Consortium.

LD Gabarits / Templates holds a set of generic Units of Learning (UoL) of different granularity.  

The other folders in the LD Repository hold Units of Learning produced by different institutions that collaborated in this project. You will find both English and French Units of Learning (UoL) from different academic levels representing single activities, modules and courses both in graphical (MOT+LD), narrative and XML formats.

Note: To view a MOT+LD unit of learning, it is necessary to first install the software MOTPlus, which is made available in the Tools section

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 Project Team

Scientific Directors :
Gilbert Paquette, Olga Marino
Project Manager :
Suzanne Lapointe
Researchers and Designers :
Ileana De la Teja, Michel Leonard, Karin Lundgren-Cayrol

Collaboration to the project

CSLPConcordia University
Phil Abrami, Principal Investigator
Johannes Strobel, Principal Investigator
Gretchen Lowerison,
Marie-Claude Lavoie,
Roger Cote,
Edward Bethel

Laboratory for Ontological Research - SFU Surrey
Griff Richards, Principal Investigator
Colin Knight, Research Assistant


This project is financed by :

  This project is financed by Industry Canada

Technologie Cogigraph Inc.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License