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Saturday, July 21, 2018
 IMS-LD Sites

CETIS - Centre for educational technology interoperability standards
CETIS represents UK Higher and Further Education on international educational standards initiatives, including the IMS Global Learning Consortium. The site has a wealth of information about eLearning standards in general, and about IMS Learning Design.

COLLAGE is a high-level specialized Learning Design authoring tool for collaborative learning. Collage helps users in the process of creating their own (collaborative) Learning Designs starting with existing patterns. These patterns are called CLFPs (Collaborative Learning Flow Patterns) and represent broadly accepted techniques that are repetitively used by collaborative learning practitioners when structuring the flow of types of learning activities involved in collaborative learning situations. Collage enables an easy edition of potential effective IMS-LD Units of Learning by reusing and customizing best practices in collaborative learning structuring according to the requirements and conditions of a particular learning scenario.

CopperCore is world's first open source IMS Learning Design Engine that supports all three levels of IMS Learning Design (A, B and C).

IMS Global Learning Consortium, Inc
IMS developed the Learning Design specification, and many other significant eLearning specifications.

JISC e-learning focus on Learning Design
Site of the JICS e-learning programme, containing E-learning programme projects and resources that relate to learning design. JISC works with  further and higher education by providing strategic guidance, advice and opportunities to use ICT to support teaching, learning, research and administration. The JICS e-learning programme aims to identify how e-learning can facilitate learning and advise on its implementation.

Learning Activity Management System - LAMS is a tool for designing, managing and delivering online collaborative learning activities. LAMS community of practice http:// offers a repository of learning scenarios.

The Learning Network for Learning Design (LN4LD) is intended as platform to learn and exchange information about the IMS Learning Design specification and its application.

'Network of Excellence' financed by the IST programme of the European commission dealing with technology enhanced professional learning. It mission is to bring together the most important research groups in the area of professional learning and training, as well as other key organisations and industrial partners, thus bridging the currently existing gap between research and education at universities and similar organisations and training and continuous education that is provided for and within companies.

R2R Learning Design
The main thrust of this Canadian project is extending and enhancing the contributions and efforts in the areas of IMS Learning Design. The findings, best practices, recommendations, and tools created to achieve this aim will serve to inform those investigating and establishing e-learning specifications and standards, and those implementing and applying e-learning within their setting and context

Reusable eLearnign Object Authoring and Delivering. Home to the RELOAD Editor and SCORM Player. A JISC funded project (X4L strand B) developing tools to facilitate the use of emerging Learning Technology Interoperability specifications such as those produced by ADL and IMS.

TELCERT is a research and innovation project under the European Union's 6th Framework programme, aiming to help transform the adoption of standards-based e-Learning products and services. The goal of the TELCERT project is to make breakthroughs in the tools and test systems that assure interoperability.

The Valkenburg Group
This is the Web of the Valkenburg Group, which brings together institutions and organisations from across the world which are actively engaged in producing EML/IMS-LD authoring tools and content management tools.

UNFOLD - Learning Design community of practice
The UNFOLD project is supporting the adoption of open eLearning standards for multiple learners and flexible pedagogies. UNFOLD is in its final period. Their main activities are: Providing access to public resources about Learning Design (many of which are on this Web site).

 Project Team

Scientific Directors :
Gilbert Paquette, Olga Marino
Project Manager :
Suzanne Lapointe
Researchers and Designers :
Ileana De la Teja, Michel Leonard, Karin Lundgren-Cayrol

Collaboration to the project

CSLPConcordia University
Phil Abrami, Principal Investigator
Johannes Strobel, Principal Investigator
Gretchen Lowerison,
Marie-Claude Lavoie,
Roger Cote,
Edward Bethel

Laboratory for Ontological Research - SFU Surrey
Griff Richards, Principal Investigator
Colin Knight, Research Assistant


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  This project is financed by Industry Canada

Technologie Cogigraph Inc.

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